Production stages

Foreword :


The company is benefitted from more than 200 manpower at different levels and strives to produce and provide customers with the best quality.


Units introduction:

Molds and tools

Fanavaran Parto Alvand Co. is both designer and manufacturer of plastic injection molding, die casting and metal molding and control panels conforming to the automotive industry standards is benefited from CADCAM technology and specialized Solid works software CATIA, although, we are equipped with related equipment such as CNC high Speed ​​machines for designing.



Since customer satisfaction is one of the long-term goals of the company, and in order to improve the quality of products, beside hiring experienced staff in various stations, it has started to equip the assembly lines with the best related equipment, including the robotic system (to ensure the function of sealing the lights), controlling all products with metrological and functional testing equipment.



Based on a strategic thinking in the automotive light industry, and based on international standards such as PSA, KES, ECE and JIS, the company’s lab is equipped with a reference for chemical, mechanical, dimensional and functional tests and metering.


 Innovative and updated technologies :


Considering the importance of car lighting beam, the company has been working on equipping the most advanced and up-to-date metalizing equipment from the most reputable companies in Europe and the United States for coating parts.


Statistics show the fact that the vehicle’s car lens is exposed to direct sunlight in environmental conditions, as well as the likelihood of a collision of fine objects, rigorous technology helps us to make the car’s lens more robust, Such as color changes as well as lines and scratches. To this end, the company has been working on equipping advanced lines with the world-wide methodology in this regard, and has surpassed other factories.